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We build innovative products for air guns, airsoft guns, paintball markers, and toy foam dart blasters.

Official MagPul M-LOK License

We now have official license to make M-LOK products and market them under Magpul's M-LOK trademark. Stay tuned to see our new M-LOK products in the near future.

Official Valve License

We now have official license to make products based on Valve Steam video game models. Tell us what you want from Team Fortress 2, Portal, Left 4 Dead, and many more games.

Build to Order Market Places

Our airsoft products are marketed under the Airsoft3D brand at two online market places. Our build to order supply chain means our our product will never go out of stock. And you will always receive the latest innovation. Click on the respective market place below to shop for our products.

AirPower3D on Shapeways (Full Catalog)

Airsoft3D on Sculpteo

Airsoft3D on Shapeways (Full Catalog)

Just want to have lighthearted fun? We market foam dart toy products for Nerf guns and other compatible toy blasters under our Blasters3D brand.

Blasters3D on Shapeways (Full Catalog)

Our products ships to over 130 countries via Shapeways and Sculpteo.

Online Retailers

Our products are available from online retailers on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. Our online retail supply chain provides speedy delivery and service. Click on the respective retailer below to shop for our products through our retail partners.

AirPower3D on eBay

AirPower3D on Etsy

Airsoft3D on Amazon

Airsoft3D on eBay

Airsoft3D on Etsy

Blasters3D on eBay

Blasters3D on Etsy

BlastersBB on Shopify

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