Valve License

Official Valve License

We are very pleased to have an official license to produce products from Valve Steam games through Shapeways. Now you can carry these game items on airsoft and paintball fields much like within the video games. Tell us what items you want. The following are all Valve games:

                  Alien Swarm
                  Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
                  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
                  Counter-Strike: Source
                  Day of Defeat
                  Day of Defeat: Source
                  Deathmatch Classic
                  Dota 2
                  Half-Life: Blue Shift
                  Half-Life: Opposing Force
                  Half-Life 1: Source
                  Half-Life 2: Episode One
                  Half-Life 2: Episode Two
                  Half-Life 2: Lost Coasts
                  Left 4 Dead
                  Left 4 Dead 2
                  Portal 2
                  Team Fortress 2
                  Team Fortress Classic