Looking for Wholesalers and Retailers

We have a product line called, "Airsoft3D". This product line is brand new to the market and includes many innovative parts, for airsoft/paintball players, that are not available in the industry before. Our catalog currently consists of over 350 parts. You can do a search for "Airsoft3D" and visit our Sculpteo and Shapeways storefront to see our products.

We are currently looking for wholesale and retail collaborators who can carry these parts and sell them in the consumer channels. At this time, We only have one partner who is selling a few of our parts on the Amazon and eBay retail channels. We are seeing demand. Looking for more re-sellers. Amazon Fulfillment channel is wide open for a partner to enter. Other retails channels are also available. Earning opportunity is limitless.

We are the designer and manufacturers to the Airsoft3D product line. Therefore, we own the intellectual property rights to our designs. No one else has equivalent parts on the market, currently. That means very little competition in the wholesale/retail sector at this time.

We are looking for motivated wholesaler and retail sellers to distribute our products to the consumers. You can build a business around our products or incorporate our product line into your existing retail business. If you are interested, please contact us so we can discuss value-added opportunities. We will be able to provide our parts to you at wholesale prices.

Businesses with re-seller licenses preferred. However, if you are an individual looking to get started, feel free to contact us to discuss how we can work together.