TeleScopix Shoulder Stock System

  • Custom Build to Perfection

    Whether you are building the most ergonomic airgun, the most competitive airsoft rifle, the most steampunk gel blaster, the most bizarre Nerf blaster, or the most flamboyant paintball marker, you'll want to use our TeleScopix Shoulder Stock System.

  • Picatinny 1913 / NATO Accessory Rail Standard

    TeleScopix System includes Picatinny shoulder stocks that comes either with Picatinny rail or Picatinny mount. You can specify the mount type to suit your customization. The Picatinny standard is military proven standard for the past hundred years. NATO has now incorporated Picatinny specification for all future deployments.

  • Completely Modular

    Using the standard MIL-STD-1913 milspec Picatinny specification, AirPower3D TeleScopix Shoulder Stock System includes stocks, extensions, and adapters. The modularity allows you to use the same or similar configuration on virtually any platform.

  • Fully Adjustable

    Adjustment for the perfect height is easy with the milspec NATO accessory rail. You slide the TeleScopix Shoulder Stock up or down in the Picatinny mount. Then screw it in like any other Picatinny accessory. Adjust the rail on the shoulder stock for even more precision.

  • Right Side is Always Up

    AirPower3D TeleScopix Shoulder Stocks can be mounted with either side being up. No one can tell you how our shoulder stocks should be mounted. You make the decision and you will always be right.

  • Length is Just a Number

    Forget about the collapsible M4 shoulder stock; it only offers 6 positions on the buffer tube. Make the stock any length with TeleScopix extensions. You may even contact us with any length for perfect fit. We can make our shoulder stocks to the exact length for your need.

  • More Styles than a Box of Chocolate

    You want scifi, steampunk, historical, or modern? We got it and you can have it. Whatever you need to complete your build, we have something to offer. Check out the vast selection of TeleScopix Shoulder Stocks.

  • Stand Out or Mix In

    Practically the only shoulder stocks on the market that are available in various colors--white, black, blue, purple, red, green, orange, pink, yellow. You can either blend into the woods and snow or stand out like a neon sign.